Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

What a nice long weekend! Mike and Kathleen Comstock came down to visit Miss Haley and we had such a nice time.

We had a yummy long lunch at Elbow Room (where I swear I saw Ashley Simpson, but it turned out to be a look-alike) and then were off to Fresno State to tailgate with the Fresno Rugby Club before the Davis vs Fresno football game. Miss Haley slept through her first tailgate, not a big football fan I guess!

Mike and Kathleen are both Davis alumni which made the tailgating even more fun. I witnessed a flabongo for the first time. It is basically a beer bong done out of a plastic flamingo thing. Very interesting!

We also got to see some of the Davies clan. Papa even made an appearance!

We skipped the game to head home, bbq burgers and watch Bottle Shock. What a great film. I love happy, bubble movies and this was perfect. Give it a watch if you get the chance.

We did some shopping on Sunday and I was gifted my birthday present a week early! The Cannon Rebel that the Patricios have that I have been drooling over so I can take even more pictures of Miss Haley. Thank you Chris, mom & dad! Kathleen and Mike headed back to the Bay and Chris and I settled in for a relatively uneventful rest of our Labor Day weekend. As always I end with a few pics of our precious little one....

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