Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday, Bowling and More Baby Pics

Gosh, where to start....I had a FANTASTIC birthday weekend! I kept forgetting it was going to be my 31st birthday because my focus was on everything else in my life. All of my lovely family and friends didn't forget, however, and I had tons of birthday well wishers calling, sending cards and gifts and even facebooking me (who knew)! Friday night was fairly quiet as Chris and I were preparing for Gourmet Club on Saturday. We prepped most of the day Saturday and were ready for a cocktail when our babysitter arrived at 6pm. All of our amazing gourmet groupies (less Kevin and Kelly Patterson) arrived around 7. Instead of replacing Cody and Amber who are off in the bush in Africa, we have a new, fun tradition we are starting with gourmet where the host can invite a couple to join the dinner. I got to invite 2 couples because the Pattersons couldn't make it. Natalie and Jeremy (my cousins) and Lucia and Ben Nicholson (friends from high school). We started off with a few cocktails and then our limo arrived. We ushered everyone out the door with a boxed lunch in hand (shrimp salad, roasted veggie & mozzarella focaccia, potato chips, cans of pink champagne for the girls and beers for the boys), and headed to our destination. We handed out our "clue" - bags of his and her socks. Our smartie group guessed right away we were bowling. We had such a ball, not even the bad tempered, feathered hair, 80s bartender could dampen the evening. I hadn't suspected there were ringers in our group (Ashley and Brooke)! My team was one of the loosing teams and had to partake in a HUGE purple hooter. We ended the night with shortbread thumbprint cookies and a short ride back. Chris and I are so blessed to have such a fantastic group of friends!

Our Huntington Cabin

Sunday morning came far too early, we aren't used to late nights anymore! Chris had to pack quickly and head out to San Diego for a conference and Haley and I headed up the hill to crash my mom's "sisters weekend" and celebrate the remainder of my birthday at our cabin in Huntington. Even though we were greeted by a stern group of aunts and a mom with hands on their hips (I was a few hours late and hadn't called), it was so much fun to visit with all my aunts (Margo, Jane & Jean). My little card shark

My fantastic 70+ point hand - a double pinochle, run, round of aces and a marriage!

We played a ton of cards and board games, took Haley for walks and ate and drank way too much! I have such smart, interesting and loving aunts. They all LOVED seeing Miss Haley. We are hoping to get an invite next year!

Not fog...clouds!

So, I have been going a tad crazy with taking pictures with my new birthday camera. Here are some of my faves...

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  1. Hi Bree, Chris & Haley!!!
    So glad that all is well at home- we miss you guys! It's nice to hear about the new Gourmet Club tradition- we can't wait to come back and resume our spot in the spring! Haley's looking absolutley beautiful- it's so nice to catch up with you all on the blog.

    Hugs and kisses from Mombasa Kenya-
    Amber & Cody