Thursday, April 15, 2010

Confirmation of Life and Faith

I love my family. The last couple of weeks have brought grief, sorrow, tears, laughter, joy and comfort. Through it all my family – cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, grandparent, sister and parents – have been amazing. Not many families can boast the family bond we have. When my uncle died the house was filled with family in a matter of hours. Neighbors stopping by to pay their respects seemed startled and I heard more than once “Oh, I’m so glad your family is here, I thought you’d be alone.” My Uncle Dave’s funeral was held last Thursday and many spoke of the great, kind, funny and loving man he was. I found great comfort and joy in joining together as family and remembering…affirming life – here and in Heaven.

I must also blog a huge thank you to Julie and Kip Davies who were so incredibly amazing in setting, organizing, directing and cleaning up after the reception at the compound. They are AMAZING people and we are so lucky to have them in our family.

Here are a few pics of Haley from that day...

Mommies and Babes met at the Prosperi Home last Friday. The babes are just getting more and more adorable!

Afterwards, Chris and I took Haley on her first trip to the zoo. We had such a ball!

Easter weekend brought joyful light to our lives. Christopher was confirmed during Easter Vigil Mass. Christopher Louis Henry Comstock! The church was beyond packed, people crowding the entrances.
Chris and his really hot sponsor!

The grandmas with an uncooperative Haley

Our favorite priest Father Bill
Kathleen and Mike made the trip down to witness the event and we spent a fantastic couple of days just visiting with them. Always incredibly generous, they gifted Chris, Haley and I Easter baskets. Haley’s had a hopping, signing bunny that she can’t get enough of!
Our Easter day tradition is always to celebrate at the Conway Compound. We had 70 people this year (65 of which I am directly related to) and it was quite a celebration. The egg hunt seemed unhindered by the brief rain storm (though Miss Haley napped right through it).

Chris and the Fresno Rugby club have a big game this weekend vs. Santa Rosa. FRC is definitely going to playoffs and Chris has been spending an inordinate amount of time planning the trips involved. Sighhhh…I am so looking forward to not being the first lady of the club next year! I am very excited for the club and hope there will be a national championship in their future!

Love the Ashwood Construction logo advertized so well on rugby backsides!

yes, that's Chris

Oh, a happy, happy birthday to my hubbie!  We'll post pics on that next time!

As always, life is hectic at the Comstocks and I look forward to reporting. Until next time -

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Feb Photo Shoot

Here are some of my faves from the our most recent photo shoot...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We love you Uncle Dave...

It feels like a lifetime since my last post, and in some ways it really has been.
On Tuesday, March 30th, we lost my Uncle Dave. He was a fantastically happy man, quick with a smile and laugh. He will forever be ensconced in my memory as a man of vivid imagination (I still remember the magic water from the sap of a special tree), tireless energy and a huge and generous heart. Please keep our family in your prayers, especially my Aunt Jeanie, Cousins Lisa and Jason and his grandchildren Josh, Taylor and little Noah.

I’ve had to look back at my pictures to remember what life has transpired in the last month and a half…

I FINALLY got to meet the Matt to our Nat.

My dear high school friends, Brooke, Jill and Natalie, all came over (+families) for a yummy dinner (several) weeks ago.

We had such a ball! Miss Haley got to play with Miss Reilly and we all got to grill Matt, Natalie’s newish boyfriend. They are just adorable together and it was so much fun to catch up with everyone!

Our Mommies and Babes playgroup is going strong, we have our 4th group tomorrow. The kids are just adorable, and we have such a great time together. It really is a great time for us mommies to chat about everything going on in our lives. I love it!

Dear little Miss Peyton turned 1 last month and we were thrilled to attend her birthday party.

As with everything the Patricios do, the party was perfect. All pinks and oranges and gorgeous weather! Miss Haley had such a ball with all the other little ones!

My garden finally went in and we got out Miss Haley’s gardening tools so she could help (thank you grandma Conway)! We are so looking forward to fresh tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and squash!

Our alma mater, St. Marys, went to the big basketball conference this year. We had the Prosperis, Leah’s mom Chris and my parents over to watch the (disappointing) game last Friday. Cal and Haley were so adorable in their red and blue. My mom made her out of this world enchiladas and it was the perfect Friday night (minus the Gael’s loss).

The Hudsons came to visit last Saturday and we had such fun catching up. Their daughter, Miss Allison, is getting so big and is just adorable! Cal lucked out with two cuties in his nighttime bath!

Sunday we packed the kids up and headed to the park. It was Miss Haley’s first trip to a park and she loved it, especially the slide!

Along with all our fun things, we had our first round of flu. We’ve taken to calling our little one Typhoid Haley because she seems to infect EVERYONE in quick succession.

Here are a few more Haley loving her pup pics...

We are looking forward to a busy Easter weekend! Christopher will be confirmed on Saturday night and we have a big Easter celebration at my parent’s on Sunday. The Comstocks are coming down tomorrow and are in for a surprise. They haven’t seen Haley since she started walking!

Love and Happy Easter Wishes to All!