Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fiesta and Other Fall Fun!

I always love when an event comes together as planned.  I am, admittedly, what some would call a control freak when it comes to parties I plan.  I have instituted a rule, therefore, that I only host with people that will willingly take direction.  My mom and sister are my favorite cohosts...my cousin Brooke is also an ideal choice.  This brings me to the latest event...the 90th birthday fiesta for my grandmother. 

This was an event months in planning.  We went from inviting everyone she knew, to just family, to just family and a few extended and a few friends...In the end we had about 70 people (which is relatively small for us).  We set up a path of pinatas leading to an adorable cocktail area where we served margaritas, sangria, a smattering of Mexican beers, tequitos and chips, salsa and guacamole. 

After an appropriate cocktail hour (or two) we moved everyone to the main dinner area.  We had strung my bulb lights (thanks Curtis) and had our rented taco truck at the ready. 

Along with beautiful fruit platters and homemade enchiladas, it was quite a feast!  My very talented cousin Jessica, prepared a fantastic slideshow and we ended the night with grandma blowing out her candles on a beautiful 2-tiered cake.  Everyone was treated to a favor of a Conway family specialty, Mexican wedding balls. 

Most of the guests dressed for the occasion and it was really a perfect night celebrating an amazing woman!

We had a weeks respite and jumped, head first into the next weekend's activities.  Friday we attended gourmet group hosted by the adorable Patricios.  Everyone dressed for the occasion, though Brooke and Carlos were extra creative and won the best costume award for the night. 

 "Dog" the Bounty Hunter and his wife
 The milkman and a knocked up housewife
 Our hosts

Dinner was fantastic - stuffed figs, tomato soup, Cornish game hen and carmel apples for dessert.  As always, everything was perfect.  We were thrilled to have an evening with such dear friends. 

 Thanks Ashley and Garrett!  The following night we attended a dinner at James and Coke Hallowells.  There view, as always, stole the show and dinner (and the company) was wonderful.  Sunday, we headed up to the Bay for our hair appointment and Chris and Haley got to spend some much needed time with the Comstocks. 

We rushed home to prepare for Haley's 1st trick-o-treating Halloween.  Grandma & Grandpa Conway, Auntie Lane and Uncle Turtur were all in attendance. 

Haley had a fantastic time walking from door to door (we only went to 4 houses).

She had an even better time answering the door for trick-or-treaters to our house.  We finally ran out of candy around 8:30 and everyone was ready for bed!

We are looking forward to a packed weekend again this weekend.  I leave Sunday for a conference in San Diego and do a quick turnaround to prepare for our Mexico trip next Friday.  Quite the schedule!  Until next time...