Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well…over a month of events and I am very behind in my blogging.

Christopher turned 32 on the 15th of April. We celebrated properly a few weeks later, but his favorite little chef and I made him a fantastic birthday breakfast!
The following weekend my mom and I threw a bridal shower for my cousin Bridget. We had a lemon yellow theme (one of her wedding colors) and it turned out so beautifully!
The mothers of the groom and bride
Chris and I headed up to the Bay Area for a weekend and had a fantastic time. I actually had a day all to myself! Grandma Comstock to Miss Haley to Grandpa Comstock’s rugby game. Chris headed off to SF for his rugby game and I had a luxurious day of shopping, reading and pampering myself in Walnut Creek. By the time I met up with Chris for cocktail hour, I was all smiles! We had a fantastic dinner with the Castagnettos and then, as we were free from the little one for the night, I made Chris go out to some of our former college haunts. We rushed back on Sunday in time to make the confirmation of my cousins Michael and Maggie.

It was a packed house and I was glad to escape to the party afterwards!
Miss Taylor Patricio celebrated her 3rd birthday the following Sunday.
Chris was away in Boise for a rugby championship game, but we had a great time at Bounce U and were happy to share the day with our dear friends.

As it was Haley’s actual birthday, we hurried home to celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa Conway.

They were leaving for Portugal the following Tuesday and wanted to have a little party as they were going to miss the big bash. Miss Haley certainly enjoyed her 1st cake and LOVED her little pink and green tent, care of Grandma!
My birthday....my birthday suit!

The very next day we started swim class. Grandma Conway came along to document the occasion. Haley loved the water.

We have had such a fun time learning how to swim! I can’t believe she graduates this Wednesday!

The Haley and Chris birthday celebrations started the Thursday before the party! Our amazing friends Casey, Erica and Kevin flew in from Seattle for the occasion. Lane flew in the next day and the Comstocks drove down.
Kevin, Erica and Lane putting together the birthday Tricycle
The finished product and the pile 'o' gifts
We revisited our rehearsal dinner location and had a feast at the Long Island that night. Saturday was party time – and what a great one it was! Though we missed some key family and friends, the day was perfect, the burgers delicious and the margaritas frosty! Everything went perfectly!
Yes...that is Haley doing a kegstand!
We put Haley down and the party continued…until the wee hours of the morning!

Sufficed to say, Mother’s Day was a very low key day! We said goodbye to our family and friends and camped out watching movies and doing our best to recover!

The following weekend we headed to the Camarenas for some Bluffing with Your Muffin fun! I am proud to say I was the last girl standing!

This last weekend was just a flurry of activity. Thursday we had a girls night out to benefit Catholic Charities. What a fun night – Lane, Brooke C., Brooke B., Kelly and Jill all joined me for the event and we chatted, ate and drank (a few) bottles of champagne.

Thank you girls for attending!

Last minute, Lane and I were called in to help with my cousin’s wedding this past Saturday. We put on our party planning hats and got to work! Our entire family really chipped in and made this wedding a reality! My Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rick hosted the reception at their beautiful home, arranged for the centerpiece flowers and a thousand other details! My Aunt Toni and Uncle Steve made most of the food including some delicious appetizers! My Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jim did the salad and arranged for servers from the local high school. My Aunt Mary and Uncle Randy gifted the dress and their daughter Katie lent Bridget her veil. My Uncle Daryl and Aunt Rita did the photography. The rest of aunts and uncles all helped with set up, serving and tear down. What a wonderful and generous family I have! Here are some of the pictures of our handiwork! I have many a blister from gluing those napkin decorations, but it was well worth it! It turned out to be a really lovely event!

Sunday, we joined the graduation celebrations for my cousin Catherine. So much fun and such yummy Mexican food! The perfect cure for my lingering hangover from the night before!

Miss Haley graduated from her 1st little gym semester yesterday. She was so adorable standing on the little award stand! We have had such a ball doing the classes with the Patricio girls!

Well...that should do it for now! Love to all - B