Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Christmas!

Well, Epiphany is here and my Christmas decorations are finally down, but there are still many memories to report on!  What a fantastic and very merry Christmas season! We started off with the arrival of Lane and Curtie on the 17th. It is always so much fun to see them and what a Christmas Blessing! This event was followed closely by Conway Christmas on the 19th. We always do Conway Christmas the Saturday before or after because there are 10 kids and it gives everyone the chance to spend Christmas proper with the in-laws and everyone can be together. My mom hosted this year and at final count I think we had 56 people, including 2 brand spanking new foreign exchange students – welcome to America! It was such a fun time, as always, and so nice to catch up with all the Conway side.

My brave mom, sister, Haley and I left early for a hair appt. in the Bay the next day.  We had a yummy lunch at Yankee Pier and Haley tried the high chair..

and then there was the cleanup Monday...we were worn out!

One of my best friends from high school, Karen Takeda now Simpson, was in town with her equally adorable husband Greg and daughter Phoebe. Chris, Haley and I headed over to her parent’s house for a visit and were surprised to hear they may (fingers crossed) be moving to Fresno soon! Stu and Charlie were visiting too and it was nice to see some old friends plus Mr. & Mrs. Takeda (I think I will always call them that, old habits…) who are just as I remember.

I love how they are looking at eachother in this one!

We stayed for just a quick visit because we had Christmas Tree Lane next on the list. We’ve decided to make some just us family traditions now that Haley is here and CTL is one of them. We tuned the radio to Christmas music and snuggled Haley in my lap while we chugged along. I hadn’t been in years and it was such a blast from the past. I think Haley loved all the lights and it was a fun thing for Chris to see. We’ll definitely be back next year!

Christmas Eve we bundled up the entire family (Lane and Curtie too) and made our way to the Visalia Richardson’s for Richardson (my mom’s side) Christmas Eve. As expected, it was baby central! 4 babies under 8 months. Haley, Vincent, Brenna and Noah! Mr. Nathan (2yr.) was the oldest of the group and on a sugar cookie high! It is going to be amazing for Haley having so many cousins her age. I LOVED it growing up.

The boys and their babes

Jess, Baby Noah and Rob

The hosts!

Mom was so excited, she found a duct tape wallet for Jason!

My mom and I both got crowns for our exchange gift and LOVE them!

My mom's did come with a picture of Carlos in the crown...mine did not!

On top of fantastic food, family and festivities my cousin Natalie and her adorable boyfriend Jeremy announced their engagement! We are so THRILLED for her. They are perfect together!

A very sleepy bunch, we headed to the compound in search of comfy beds and a good Christmas sleep. Good thing Santa works at night at the Conway home, because Miss Haley was up first thing on Christmas. We were allowed to open stockings, and then attended 8am mass, came home and jumped back into our pjs and got down to the present opening. Somehow, Miss Haley had the biggest pile and was most interested in the boxes and bows!

This is the "what do you mean I got coal" face!

Saturday our little family made for the Bay to celebrate our 4th Christmas with the Comstocks (sans Sarah and Brian). Miss Haley made out like a bandit there too! Kathleen and Mike are always so generous! We got to see the under construction new addition and be treated to a fantastic dinner out at one of our faves in the Bay, Metro. Sunday, Haley, Kath and I met a family friend for an early morning walk, did 8am mass again, and managed to squeeze in some after Christmas shopping before we headed home.

Grandpa putting together a toy!

NYE was a fun one for us this year. Katie, Jason, Noah, Brooke, Carlos and Vincent came over for a baby filled night! We had a yummy dinner (prefaced by amazing stuffed mushrooms (thanks Jay) and yummy champagne (thanks Brooke and Carlos)). We played a board game and made it until midnight! It was the perfect NYE! We are so happy to have family/friends on the same page!

Noah is only a month old and Katie looks exactly like she did before she was prego...rude!

My attempt at NYE chandelier decor

Katie and Noah needed a little nap pre midnight

My modnight kiss

Our very tired family in 2010
Now, Miss Haley news. She is such my perfect joy! She is crawling like a maniac everywhere and interested in everything. She has stood on her own a few times now and I am afraid walking is near! She is 17lbs. 12 oz now and such a good little eater! I am so thankful to be her mother and cherish the times she and I have together!

Haley and one of her gifts from G&G Comstock, her new Haley chair

Lovin the outfit compliments of the Richardson girls, headband by Natalie, outfit by Brooke

Strawberry bottom jeans, boots with the fur...

This pose can be seen frequently around the Comstock home...the lounger I call it
I have to say what an amazing 2009 it has been. I am married to the most fantastic and loving man, God gave us our most precious love and joy, Miss Haley and we are surrounded by wonderful friends and family. In our prayers at night, we thank God for all he has done for us, and what a list it is. Happy Christmas and New Years and may 2010 be especially joyous for you. Loves – The Comstocks