Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving, Photo Shoot and David Grey

It's official!!! The faint smell of wood burning fire, crisp winter mornings and foggy breath in the's the Christmas Season. I LOVE this time of year. Everyone is a bit more jolly, thoughtful and festive. I hauled out my boxes of Christmas decorations the day we returned from our Thanksgiving jaunt to Sonoma. I've found I have to do things in stages since Haley...a bit here...a bit there. So, my garland is hung, our stockings are out and the ornaments are just waiting for the perfect tree. Mmmmm...Christmas!

I ordered my Christmas cards today. We just got back our order from our Woodward Park photo shoot. They turned out so well! I'm thrilled. Here are my faves....

It was such an easy photo shoot, Mark was really great. I think we're going to do an all family shoot with him if we can find the time when Lane and Curtie are home for Katie I's wedding.

Thanksgiving with the Comstocks was a ball this year. Kathleen and Mike rented a house on a winery in Sonoma. The tasting barn was literally right across the driveway...dangerous! We visited with the Haakes (family friends). Kathleen and Linda have been friends since grammar school! Linda's daughter, O'meara, just had little Carolina, the first grandbaby in their family. What a sweet one! I managed to snap a picture of Chris, Haley, O'meara, Carolina and Grandpa Walter...Miss Haley was on a roll, showing off her new crawling everywhere skills!

Kathleen, Sarah and I orchestrated Thanksgiving dinner and it was fantastic! Brian and Sarah took on the turkey, stuffing and gravy and it turned out wonderfully! Kathleen made sweet potatoes and more stuffing and Chris and I did green beans, homemade rolls and mac'n'cheese. Yummmm....

Besides the amazing food, we had such fun just enjoying every one's company, shopping and wine tasting. Thanks Mike and Kath for a great holiday!

My parents returned from their month long Europe/FL vacation the same day we got back from Sonoma. They couldn't wait to see Haley and came over as soon as we got home. They had a fantastic time but were glad to be home.

We got them right back into babysitting mode when we left Haley with them on Monday night and headed out to see David Grey and others at an acoustical concert at Twist. It was really a great event and we had a ball with the Camarenas as always. Thanks for inviting us Carlos and Brooke!

The holiday party season has begun and things will be hectic from now until New Years. I just have to keep reminding myself to stop, take a breath and enjoy every moment of this Christmas, our first as a family. Love to all!

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