Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love, Life, Loss and the Perfect Tree

Gosh...what a week. I think I should probably start with the sad news and end on a happy note. Our family friend and current neighbor Sharla Primavera lost her husband, Pepino, on Saturday. It was unexpected; I don't think he was even 40 yet. She had taken their two kids to the store and when she returned, he was on the couch, gone. I can't even imagine what she must be going through and our prayers are with her, their two children and their twin babies she is carrying (due in June).

And so we find solace in the life God provides....

Mr. Noah Flinn Gardner was born last Thursday at 6am in the morning. Alas, no home water birth. Noah was not having any of it! My mom and I visited that same afternoon and Katie, Jason and little Nono all looked healthy and happy, if a bit tired. He is just a beautiful baby and we are thrilled to have him in the family! I've heard the family is home now and doing their best to adjust to lack of sleep, changing schedule and all the joyful chaos that accompanies a new baby! Here are some pictures from the hospital.

Speaking of babies....Chris and I attended the Right to Life Gala last Friday after a quick stop by the AHDC Christmas party.

I always have such a great time at this event. Brooke and Carlos were able to join us this year and the Davies as well! I managed to have the winning bid on some adorable Christmas socks and onesie for Miss Priss. I may have enjoyed myself a bit too much on Friday night because Haley's 5:30am wakeup call was a bit harder than usual to answer Saturday morning. We managed to make a quick trip to Target so Chris could get his dress up item for the rugby party that night and then, Chris left for the game and I joined Haley in her morning nap. It was blissful...so much so that we were actually late to the rugby game. As it was just the over/under game (over 30s play under 30s), I didn't harbor too much guilt. The under 30s won, much to Christopher's dismay (he is an over 30 this year)!

All in good fun, the rugby crew served up their "shoot the boot" drinks (a disgusting tradition that involves serving up a doctored beer in a rugby cleat to the distinguished players of the game...I won't mention the horrible things they add to the boot)

and donned their costumes. Every party has a theme....crazy hat, worst sweater, etc. As this was the over/under game the teams had to dress up as babies or old men, respectively. Here is Christopher's outfit.

Yes, it's a full size footed onesie!

Sunday my mom and I attended the annual SJM tea. Chrissy Hardcastle invited us as her guests and it was a very nice event. They didn't have such a thing when I attended, but it was such a good idea. Moms of SJM students host different tables and invite their lady friends. The hosts decorate the tables and some of the hosts go over the top! It was such fun to walk around and see all the themes and centerpieces. I hope we are invited back next year.

We sent Haley home with my mom and picked up my cousins, Seri and Catherine Toyloy, for our movie date. Chris and I saw the 1st Twilight at home on an off Friday ondemand. I sort of liked it and Chris said it made him feel like a 12 year-old girl. So when the New Moon came out, I called my teenage cousins to see if they would be our beard so we could see it at the theater. We had a ball and I'm definitely on team Jacob. Yummy...Chris said he is nearly 21 in real life so it isn't against the law or anything!

Now...the big news! We finally got our tree yesterday! It is gorgeous...just perfect! I think it may be the most beautiful tree we've ever had. So, Chris and I started a tradition where we go and get hot chocolate, load up the car cd player with Christmas music and head out to somonian farms to pick out our tree. It was even more special this year with Miss Haley. We bundled her up in her cozy bear outfit and she looked just perfect. We were all so happy to find the perfect tree together!

When we first arrived at the tree lot

All bundled up!!

Just the right size!

where is it????

We found it!!!

We're so excited and we just can't hide it!

Haley keeping an eye on the car while the guys load the tree

Now, more Haley news! She is just growing up as fast as can be. We’ve moved her into her highchair, because she has learned how to escape from her bumbo.

She is pulling up on everything, desperate to walk!

Crawling everywhere and putting everything in her mouth – cords, plastic bags, etc. She is such a ball of motion now! We are baby proofing as much as possible, oh what fun!

Well, until next time…love to all!

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