Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween, Bounce House Party and The Bay

One holiday down....several to go! Halloween this year was a special one for the Cosmtocks. We had our very own little ladybug to celebrate with. Miss Haley looked just adorable in her costume.

I even squeezed her into her cat outfit for running errands Saturday day.

My parents came over for dinner, some pinochle and, most importantly, to spend time with our little one before the left for a month long jaunt through Europe. We didn't get as many tick'or'treaters as in years past, and had quite a bit of candy left over. Hmmmm...Perhaps next year I should buy the stuff I don't like.

That next week was a busy one at work and Chris and I were grateful when Friday rolled around. Saturday we packed up the family and headed for the Bay. On our way, we stopped by Nathan's 2nd birthday party at Bounce U. What a fun idea! The party was shown to several bounce house rooms and we spent about a half hour in each. After the bouncing, we were led to the "party room" for pizza, fancy burrito casserole and birthday cake. It was really a fun time!

The Birthday Boy

Aunt Joyce, Haley, Ashley and Peyton

Jeremy, Uncle Jeff and Christopher

Miss Peyton and Miss Haley - Just a month apart! I can't wait for them to be best friends!

Brooke and Peyton - aren't they both so photogenic

The boys - Chris, Garrett and Carlos

After the birthday cake was served (I never pass up cake) we got back on the road. We made it to Walnut Creek around 3:30 and were ready for cocktails and Comstock time! We always have such fun with Kathleen and Mike. After an early dinner we headed back to the house to watch some Perry Mason. Mike and I both love the show and the rest tolerate it! We had a lovely Sunday and were back in Fresno later than usual. Thanks Mike and Kathleen for a great weekend!

Now, news on the Haley front....

She officially cut her first tooth last Monday! Her second one just showed up yesterday!  Our little peanut is onto squash this week after a relatively successful week of sweet potatoes.

She pulled herself up for the first time on Saturday and can mostly sit up by herself now. I videoed it to send to Lane, for some reason I can't post it to the blog...oh well!
She is just a constant joy to us and we love her so much!

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