Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Add Another!!!!!

Little Miss Brenna Jean Long arrived a week ago today! Such a cutie pie from the pictures I've seen. Brenna is the 3rd girl from the Richardson cousins after Taylor and Haley. We can't wait to meet her at Christmas! Thank gosh she didn't weigh in at 13 pounds as was expected!

Uncle Jeff and his two newbie grandchildren - Brenna and Vincent!!  So love Uncle Jeff!!!

I am sooo late in my posting this week as I have been out of town on business. I left Sunday for Palm Springs and just returned last night. I've left Haley before, but this was a bit different. Chris wasn't with me and I was gone 2 nights. She seemed to have grown so much in the short time I was away. I missed my little family desperately and was so happy to be home. A HUGE thanks to my Aunt Jean, who filled in as Grandma Monday morning (since Haley's has abandoned her for Europe) and to Sharon and Dawnie who cared for her the rest of the time.

Last weekend Christopher's out-of-town rugby game was canceled (yea for me), so we did a little family date night at FIVE. Haley was on her best behavior and it was so nice to have a yummy martini and share a steak with my hubbie. We certainly beat the Friday night rush and were on our way home just as all the bar hoppers were on their way out! We put our little miss down and cuddled up on the couch to watch the new Transformers movie. I so love my life!!!!

Saturday we were up early and preparing for our mini photo shoot in Woodward Park. This photographer I've been drooling after has these "mini" sessions a couple times a year. $50 for a 20 minute shoot. You have to order the prints and everything separately, but it isn't a bad deal! We had such a ball and I thought we looked adorable, all in navy, red and white. I'll post the pictures as soon as I have any. We go to the ordering session this Friday.

We finished up zucchini squash (below) last week and moved onto Spinach this week. Surprisingly, spinach has beat sweet potatoes out for #1 fave.  Miss Haley is growing like a weed and I'm interested to see where she is on the growth charts at her appointment this Friday.

Here is a picture of the 2 famous Haley teeth causing all the drool...

and our new fave....the messy teething biscut.

We are looking forward to a hectic weekend beginning with Gourmet Group at the Patricios. They have some special surprises in store for us! I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving already!!!

Have a wonderful week to all!

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