Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yeeeeaaaa Florida!!!!!

Well, we've made it back safely from our FL trip and what a fantastic time we had! My mom, Haley and I started our excursion with a train ride to SF. I really do heart the train! It was so relaxing and Haley loves to look out the window and at the other passengers. My mom and I played cards (she beat me relentlessly) and snacked on our brown bag lunches. We arrived at the Ferry Building and did a bit of shopping before we headed across the street to the Hotel Vitale's restaurant, The Americano, for a cocktail and dinner. Yum, yum, yum! I love that place.

After dinner, we grabbed a cab to our airport hotel and turned in for the night. 3:30am came quickly but, despite my dad's predictions otherwise, we were out the door and in the shuttle 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Of course both legs of our flights had packed to capacity planes, but we managed and Haley was nearly perfection! We landed in balmy Florida, grabbed our luggage and met Auntie Lanie. We missed her so much, it was a fun airport reunion. We were off to Lakeland to see the nubbins (Lane's pups) and Uncle Turtur (Curtie). The next couple of days revolved around shopping (I bought this amazing lacquer leopard bracelet), cocktails, lots of Target runs, cards and cricket crafts (we made the most adorable onsies for Miss Priss). We celebrated Curtis' birthday a week early at a down home steak house and Sunday we decided a road trip was in order and headed off to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Museum. It was just a ball. Curtis and I rode the simulator and we all took the tour of the inner workings of the operations of the cape. We got to see all sorts of wildlife too as the launch stations are on a preserve. The best was seeing the bald eagle and it's nest which weighed 700 lbs, was 40 years old and as large across the top as a king sized bed! We said goodbye Monday morning and hopped on a plane headed home. This time around we flew 1st class....I'm afraid Miss Haley has high travel expectations now! Until next time...

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