Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shots and showers...oh my!

First, let me say how much I ADORE the rain and cold weather of late...what a fantastic break after months and months of heat. Not to say I don't love Fresno summers, honestly I do. But when the weather turns cold and fall is in the air it signals the beginning of holiday parties, hot apple cider, pumpkin patch visits, Christmas tree hunting, breaking out the old secret recipe for Conway family wedding balls and, most importantly, lots of friends and family! This year will hold many a "first" for us with Miss Haley and I'm nearly holding my breath in anticipation!
Speaking of Miss Priss, we had our 4 month check up on Friday. Yes, she is nearly 5 and a half months, but I neglected to put her original 4 mo. appointment on the calendar and we had missed it by the time I realized and our peds doctor is so fantastic and, therefore, busy and since Haley was "well", it was the very earliest appointment I could get. Bad mom...I know...I won't even mention the slipping out of my lap onto a plastic box and sustaining a nose/under the eye cut....that one I'm saving for child protective services...

All smiles...at home before the doctors

So, she is growing fantastically well. She in the 98th percentile for height (27.75 inches) and about average for weight (14 lbs 12 oz) and head size (I know, I know...who knew it was possible with Christopher for a father). The doctor said she was really very alert and strong and that she was pleased with her growth.

At the doctor's office
She also told me to start solids in a few weeks which I think Haley is really ready for since she has started waking up during the night again because she is STARVING even though I'm putting rice cereal in a bottle and boobing her after the bottle... Anyhow, mom needs her sleep, so we may start solids a week or so early!

After our doctor's appointment, Haley and I headed over to Cupcakes to pick up some yummy treats for my cousin Katie's bridal shower on Saturday. Carrot cake and lemon...mmmmm good! We then were off to the compound (my mom and dads) to help put together favors.

Saturday we packed up the car and drove to Hanford for the shower. My Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rick have a beautiful home and the fall theme Lisa had chosen was just lovely. All rusts, and golds and browns...
Aunt Mary (MOB), Katie (bride) & the hosts - my mom, me (+1), Aunt Jean & Aunt Lisa

Miss Haley couldn't take all the excitement & fell asleep in the library

My pretty cousins

3 generations

I can't take credit for all the fancy boarder/black and white pics, my Aunt Lisa took those. The weather was warmer than expected, but the turnout, as with all Conway functions, was fantastic. We had such a fun time celebrating Katie's impending nuptials.

Sunday, despite Christopher's hangover, we met my parents for mass, reunited with our Miss Haley and headed home for a lazy remainder of the day, football and all.

My little football fans

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