Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vincent's Arrival and Other Weekend Happenings...

Well....Mr. Vincent Alexander Camarena is finally here! He made his debut in the world last Thursday at 3:55 in the afternoon and was welcomed by mom, dad, Aunt Natalie and Grandma Joyce.

Sadly, I was in LA at an event with my grandma, mom and Aunt Jeanie and wasn't able to visit at the hospital (it didn't help that Brooke had the quickest checkout after delivery ever). So Friday, my mom, Haley, Aunt Jeanie and I picked up some goodies at Sam's deli and headed to the Camarena home to be the first to welcome Vincent there!

He is such a little peanut! Miss Haley looked so big compared to him! I don't ever remember her being that tiny, much less smaller! Brooke is doing fantastically well and had actually just returned from running errands when we arrived. I couldn't believe it...a mere 24 hours before she had being giving birth and now was out and about! Their little family seems to be adjusting well and we are so thrilled to welcome the new Camarena into our family!

Quite coincidentally, Katie Flinn’s cousin Katie Blunt (couzzzieee) was in the hospital at the same time as Brooke and had little baby Grady Blunt a few hours later. Congrats Blunt Family! We can’t wait to meet the new addition!  I so LOVE this picture...

Friday we had dinner with my parents and Father Peter. He is a semi-retired priest that spends his winters in Peru and summer in the States. It is always a bit humbling to be in the presence of someone who does such good works. He runs an orphanage for the abandoned girls and boys of Lima. He made quite an impression on both me and Chris. He is a Christian in the true sense of the word.

Saturday, Chris had his first Fresno State Rugby game. He has taken on some coaching duties for the new team...because he has so much time in between work, rugby practice, being the rugby club president, studying for his accreditation and, oh that's right, being a new dad! Anyhow, the team did not fare well and Chris was a bit grumpy after the game...

Meanwhile, Haley and I attended the wedding of the son of one of Ashwood's PMs. It was a lovely ceremony at St. Anthony's and the backyard reception that followed was very fun. Chris managed to rally and meet us at the reception. We even fit in a few dances before we turned in for the night.

Our early evening served us well as we met my parents early the next morning to close the cabin. 8am mass, a quick breakfast and we were off to Huntington. It only took a few hours to close the cabin for winter. I think it is the most depressing day in the entire year for my mom! Once we said our goodbyes to our summer retreat we returned to flat land and treated ourselves to Mexican food and ice cream cones!

Miss Haley is offically on rice cereal now. I have to feed it to her twice a day and she really isn't all that interested. I can't believe my little girl has grown up so quickly! Almost 6 months has passed since she was born and our love for her keeps growing everyday we have her in our lives. She is such a joy and blessing (well...maybe not exactly a JOY at 7:45pm when both Chris and I are exhausted and she decides screaming would be a fun passtime, but you get the idea). She will always be our first, our gift from God that made us a family and we are so thankful.

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