Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On the go.....

Well…I have no excuses for my lack of posting with the exception of our crazy, busy life! When last I left the blog, Chris and I were off on an adult only vacation adventure to Canada and the Northeastern Seaboard. It was fantastic! We had such a great time and really got to rediscover us as a couple instead of as parents. We had almost forgotten what it was like not to haul around a stroller and to enjoy a 3 hour long dinner. We missed our little one but were so thankful for the time to reconnect before our next addition arrives! Our very favorite places were Quebec City and Nantucket. Quebec City is just adorable…it really is like a mini Europe on our continent. We stayed in an adorable bed and breakfast,

had one of the most amazing meals (think asparagus with parma, some fantastic cheese and truffles) and really enjoyed walking around the quaint old town. We went to Sunday mass in French and were treated to a choir of priests chanting. It really was amazing!
 Chris in front of the Chatue Frontenac

 Chris hitting on a wall mural
At a local pub (you'll notice a pattern with these pictures) 
From Quebec, we took the train to Montreal.
The beautiful Quebec train station

The city reminded us a bit of Chicago.

We did a quick tour of St. Joseph's Oratory (patron saint of construction, couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit) and the downtown area, and then I convinced Chris to brave the metro so we could visit the local outdoor market - Jean-Talon Market. I’ve never experienced anything quite like this place. It was a full city block packed with all sorts of fresh produce, flowers, seafood, meats...and the list goes on. The perimeter of the market is lined with food stations. Chris and I picked the two with the longest lines and ended up with these fantastic sausage sandwiches and amazing French fries that had been fried in wok and served with mayo. We wrangled a bit of sidewalk and thoroughly enjoyed our mini feast while watching all the different sorts that visited the market. It was one of my favorite meals (and experiences) of the trip. We ended our market experience with gelato, homemade chocolates and rustic Indian pastries. What fun!
Chris managed to find time for a quick beer....

 We flew out of Canada early the next morning, and headed for Maine. We picked up our rental car and settled in for our journey to Bar Harbor.

The leaves we just starting to change and the scenery was fantastic. Bar Harbor was bustling, full of tourists (most of the senior variety). Our little bed and breakfast was a welcome haven, especially as they provided fresh baked cookies daily and a fully stocked beverage center (ahhhh...the things that matter to a pregnant woman)!
The 1st course of our daily 3 course breakfast at our B&B
Chris managed to sneak in a beer or two at the local Irish pub and we were able to see some of the island with a nature cruise.
Our favorite lobster rolls of the trip!
We left Bar Harbor and headed for Cape Cod with a quick stopover in Portland, Maine. What an adorable city. We were just there a night but loved the energy of the place. We snuck in massages and ditched fancy dinner plans in favor of pizza and beer at a local joint. The next morning we were on the road again and crossed several states in a matter of hours,

Chris couldn't believe how cheap the gas prices were...
swung through Kennebunkport (no Bush sightings) finally made it to our bed and breakfast in South Orleans on the Cape.
our view
Chris during our B&Bs happy hour

It was beautiful, if a bit separated from downtown. Our innkeepers were adorable – English and so fun! We spent our 1st night at a local bar and grill (heavy on the bar) and continued our lobster feasting journey. The next morning we raced off to catch the ferry for Nantucket Island. What a place! We rented bikes and biked what seemed like the entire island, heading to a local fair and then to a brewery.
On the ferry
I will give this disclaimer…I think my bike was defective. Somehow, everyone seemed to pass me…I think a woman in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank even got the better of me on that bike. Chris insists it was just my skill as I biker, but I fervently disagree! We were so exhausted from our ride around Nantucket that we headed back to our little room around 7pm and weren’t seen again until the next morning!

We also visited Provincetown, the gay capital of the Cape. It is an adorable town and was rather tame when we were there, but we did see evidence of recent debauchery as Mardi Gras beads littered the roofs of many of the cute cape bungalows.
yes..that does say fudge on the window behind Chris...he was so proud of this picture!
I loved all the lobster trap markers
We ended our trip in Providence, RI. Not a place I would recommend a visit, but it worked perfectly for us as we did a quick tour of Brown University
revisiting college life
and then celebrated my 32nd birthday by locking ourselves in the room, ordering room service and watching movies. We were ready to be home and glad to have a down day. Our little one was waiting for us at the airport (with Grandma and Grandpa) and, despite Grandpa’s predictions otherwise, remembered exactly who we were. She did seem to have an aversion to clothing and shoes for a week or so afterwards. Apparently she spent most of her visit at Grandma and Grandpa’s in a diaper.

One of the pics we got while on vaca
My parents had such a ball with Miss Haley and missed her terribly when she was gone. My dad even developed a routine with her where they would get up in the morning, have their respective milk and tea and a few crackers, go and visit the dogs, and then wake up grandma. At night he was the one who put her down. He even tried to bribe her with cookies to come home with him after they dropped us off! Now he thinks she needs a pony and wants to buy her one.  I'm still fighting that battle!  All in all a great vacation for everyone involved!

The day after our return, Lane flew home for good. Curtis arrived later as he opted to drive home. We are so thrilled to have them back! They settled in to life back in Fresno easily and we’ve been keeping them busy ever since.
Lane and her goddaughter at the Fresno Zoo
They also found out that their little bundle of joy set to arrive in April will be a little girl. Katherine Tinsley.

The very next weekend after our return, my cousin Natalie married the love of her life Jeremy. It was such fun to see all the family and Natalie looked beautiful!  Everyone had a great time, especially my parents who reverted thier teenage years and had a makeout session on the dancefloor.  Not something I need to see again anytime soon.

I ditched the zero (Chris) and got with the hero (Vinny)
The cousins
Lane and little Brenna, my future daugter as I am trading Melissa and Brian for Kegan

 The next weekend we did a walk for Easter Seals. It was a very nice event in Woodward Park and Haley loved the balloons they gave her!
Our little walker
 Next up was a fun dinner at Karen and Greg’s new home. They’ve just been back a month or so and it was such fun to get together, pile all the kids in a room and just enjoy great company. We are so happy to have them back!  They really are just great people to be around!

Haley and Pheobe in the bath together again!

Curtis’ 30th birthday party came next. Because of some extenuating circumstances, we moved the party from my parents to our home and did some last minute adjustments. Everything turned out wonderfully (cupcakes and beerpong included) and all in attendance had a fantastic time! Happy 30th to our favorite Curtis!

Haley loves to give her cousin Noah lots of kisses

The next morning Haley, Lane and I were off early to meet my dear high school friends for breakfast. Miss Jessie was in town and we all love to get together. It is always so much fun to catch up with all the fun news and it was especially great to see Jessie in all her pregnancy glory!  She was just glowing!
 I hurried from the breakfast to a baby shower for Marie Herzog. Katie II did a wonderful job (as always) setting up the party. It was very zen….the cupcakes were one of my favorite parts!  My not so favorite part...realizing that Marie 7 months pregnant is about the size around that I am normally...damn that string around the belly game.
Of course life continues to be hectic. We have so many events coming up over the next few months, I have not a single weekend free until mid-January! As always, I'll slip in a few random Haley pictures.  She has developed a maternal side and is always sharing with her babies and pushing them around on her snack chair (guess it is time for a toy stroller).  She is just the most adorable little girl ever!

mouth full of granola bar

What a life! Couldn't ask for better! Until next time...

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