Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Davies Baby...

Well..I can finally take a breather. My recent focus at work has been 2 enormous applications for funding for a couple of affordable projects we are attempting to get off the ground. I think (though I’m sure some email or frantic call will destroy this illusion) that I have all the documents, reports, blood, sweat and 1st born children the applications require. I write this knowing I still have about 27 hours until the deadline for some crisis to emerge. Right now, I am letting my brain decompress a bit with this update.

The best and brightest news in my world is that my amazing sister is pregnant! Yay! We have an ultrasound to confirm and everything. We are about 3 months apart and I can’t wait for our little ones to play together. She has been awfully sick (boy do I remember those days) and I keep telling her it’s a good sign, but who wants to hear that when you feel severely hungover 24 hours a day! Here is the 1st pic of baby Davies….

They will be home is just a couple of weeks and we can’t wait to have them back safe and sound!

I’m starting to conceptualize our little boy’s room and have a few ideas…

Think dark gray walls and pops of white…


Who knows….Chris insists we still need to actually confirm it’s a boy. We went yesterday for the ultrasound, but they were nearly 2 hours behind schedule and my funding applications were calling so…we’ll find out Thursday.

So, our lives of late…

We had a crazy weekend away for gourmet club. There were tears, drunken blackouts, arm wrestling, a cage fighter and so much more! We also had a yummy (I hope) rustic dinner and great company. As a disclaimer, some (though certainly not all) of the shenanigans were only witnessed at the local bar, not engaged in by gourmet groupies!

We celebrated my mom’s birthday with a quick overnight visit to her favorite place on earth - Huntington (of course). As always, we had a great time playing cards eating and visiting! I feel so blessed to be able to spend so much time with family!

Two weekends ago, my mom, Aunt Jean and I hosted a 50s housewife inspired bridal shower for my adorable cousin Natalie.

We had such fun planning and the shower was a hit! We played identify the weird 50s food (just a paper handout, we didn’t force anyone to taste any jellied meat) and a super fun cocktail game I came up with. We filled 5 paper grocery bags with the ingredients for typical 50s cocktails, wrote the name of the cocktail on the front of the bag and let the teams go wild. The team to make the cocktail most appealing to the bride won.

All the teams did such a fantastic job, but the mint fizz prevailed!

Me with all the cocktails ready to present to the bride
After the games we sat down to a very 50s lunch. On the menu – Appetizers – pigs in a blanket with curried ketchup ( a HUGE hit), stuffed celery, onion dip and chips and deviled eggs.

Lunch – cherry jello with cherries and walnuts, curried chicken sandwiches, BLTs, chopped olive and cream cheese sandwiches and fruit kabobs!

We had tons of champagne and fruit punch and coconut cupcakes for dessert (complete with little brides and grooms).  We got to use all our vintage tablecloths and our antique saucer champagne glasses! Here are a few pics of the decor...

What a fun party!

Chris and I leave Friday for our 11 day vacation extravaganza! My parents have Haley and I know we’ll miss her terribly, but am so excited to have a getaway with my hubbie! Until our return….

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