Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Babies, bows and rides on the train!

I feel so proud that I'm actually updating! Lots to report! Miss Haley and I went to visit my friend Sabrina's new little one Maya. She is just the tiniest thing - I can't remember Haley being that small! We had such a great visit and were glad to bring dinner over - I do remember being in a bit of a daze the first couple of weeks and cooking was not a high priority! Both mom and baby are doing well and adjusting to life at home.
We had a quick visit with the Patricio girls on Friday and were thrilled to give Taylor and Peyton their very first bottle cap bows. One was gifted to me and I knew the fashionable Patricio babes would love them. We only got to peek in on Miss Peyton (we came at nap time), but she is getting so big!

On Saturday Haley and I had wonderful time at the Toyloy luncheon in honor of Catherine's foray into the musical theater world. We attempted to see the play, High School Musical II, but my little one thought lights out meant nap time and was having none of it! The first couple of minutes were great though and we got to dress up!

Early Sunday morning my mom, Haley and I headed up to the Bay for our hair appointment. We got to lunch with Mike and Kathleen Comstock before heading out. On the way back to the cabin, my mom dropped Haley and I off at the Matthews home in Stockton. We got to visit with Karie, Andrea, Allison (who is pregnant and just starting to show), Jozelle and her little one Jack. Jack and Haley are just 6 days apart! We had such a fun time catching up, bbqing and swimming. Monday morning, Karie and her dad dropped us at the train station and Haley and I had such a fun ride home. The conductor even stopped by to say what a beautiful baby Miss Haley was! I'd have to agree...

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