Monday, April 27, 2009

Contraction and A Canceled Trip

Well...we had an exciting weekend this week! I started to have cramping on Friday night and contractions on Saturday - Chris decided against going to his rugby game in Arizona and diligently noted every contraction and the length. Unfortunately, everything stopped around 5pm. It turned out to just be false labor. I have to say, both Chris and I were disappointed, Chris a bit more as he missed out on a playoff game! Sadly, Fresno Rugby did not win the playoff game, though it was very close! We did manage to accomplish quite a bit though...I did get the garden planted and the post Haley meals prepped and frozen. We also are nearly finished with the nursery and hung drapes this weekend. I'll have to post pictures because it is such a cute space! A few more finishing touches and we'll be complete. Chris has been incredibly supportive and fantastic these past couple of weeks. Even though I told him to go to Arizona, he refused because his girls were his priority. His Arizona overnight bag has now become his hospital bag. This week is my last week of work. I decided that taking off a day before my due date was acceptable and I'm starting to waddle around and only have a few pieces of clothing that fit...the work wardrobe is limited! Nothing else fascinating to report...hope all is well!

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