Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As is usual, it has been another insanely hectic, wonderfully frantic month! We have enjoyed many a Christmas celebration, a fairly quiet NYE (thankfully), showers, babies and a very special birthday. In the midst of the chaos, Chris and I have been planning and doing our best to prepare for the new life that will join us any day.

Mid-December brought our last major trip before Keegan’s arrival. Our little family flew to Seattle to visit our fabulous friends the Sheehans (and Mr. Kevin Reilly of course) and their little addition Ace.
Little Ace
It was a whirlwind trip…we arrived Friday night and flew back Sunday afternoon. I can say that parenthood has certainly tempered the nightlife of the Sheehans and Comstocks!

Proud Daddy
Haley asleep with Uncle Kevin...
and awake!

A glimpse of times to come...
Our little nurturing girl

The Boys
We had such a ball visiting and were so thrilled to introduce Ace and Miss Haley.

Unfortunately, our Seattle trip conflicted with one of my very best friend’s baby shower.

 I missed the Fresno celebration for the Wedam-to-be and was devastated. Jess did send along pictures and Lane did a good job representing the Conway girls.

Miss Haley made her first gingerbread house this year.

She was invited to the Toyloy’s house and had such fun creating a bright pink cookie and candy creation. I was out of town on business, so Chris dropped her off before rugby practice and picked her up after. She had such fun with her cousins Seri and Catherine!

Next on the agenda was Christopher’s office Christmas dinner for us and Davies kid-Christmas for Haley. Our dinner was lovely, I adore Cracked Pepper! Haley was allowed to crash kid-Christmas at the Davies because her babysitters (Lane and Curtis) were attending.

In front of our Christmas tree
Ready for Davies kid-Christmas
Doing a "shotski" with Dawnie
She looked adorable and, apparently, had a fantastic time!

We did a quick celebration that Saturday night with the Conways. It was a fairly relaxed evening as the girls had spent all day setting up in preparation for our third annual cookie exchange! We did take out and exchanged gifts, then turned in early.

In the wee hours of that next morning, Miss Haley had her second ER visit, this time it involved stitches. Our poor little girl was up and restless, thanks to a restless prego mom, and stumbled over a shoe box of mine and fell onto our bedframe. I was out on the living room couch and heard Chris yell that she was bleeding. There was blood everywhere! I couldn’t tell at first where the cut actually was as it was all pooling in her eye. Luckily it was just a cut in her eyebrow line. I actually felt pretty good about my reaction…I checked her pupils, looked for bruising behind the ears, any abnormal behavior. We rushed to the hospital and then I broke down. Chris was calmer at the ER, I couldn’t stop crying…my poor baby. They had to wrap her and 4 nurses hold her down. It was awful.

We arrived home from our adventure 3 hours later exhausted and drained. Lane and my mom sprang into action and I managed to get a few minutes of sleep in. Most of the setup for the party had been done the day before, so we were in pretty good shape. I sent my little Frankenstein off with Chris, Curtis and Grandpa Comstock. It was our largest group yet and, as always, was such fun! I was a little careworn by the time the Comstocks were ready to leave…they were taking Haley for four nights. There were certainly tears as I waved goodbye, but the party was in full swing and the show had to go on.

The cookie selection
We not only survived the party, but had a wonderful time.
The time without Haley seemed to fly by. I was able to put together Keegan’s dresser (it came in literally hundreds of pieces) and get our life in order a bit before I was on the train up to the Bay. Kathleen and Haley picked me up and I was thrilled to see the wound was healing nicely.
We made a stop at Kaiser to have the stitches removed and the scar has been lightening ever since. With that excitement behind us, we prepared to celebrate Christmas with the Comstocks. We had a lovely dinner in the City with the immediate family.
 Haley and her Godfather, Uncle Brian
 In front of the massive gingerbread village complete with train...she loved it!
Christmas Eve brought all the Rooney side together for a feast at the Comstock’s newly renovated home.

Daniel and Liam
 Miss Devon and Miss Haley

Chris and Uncle Pat
 Helping Uncle Brian with presents

Christmas day dawned early and had a slightly hung over daddy (Christopher) attempting to put together doll furniture from Santa. Haley was thrilled!

 Making a gingerbread man with Uncle Brian and Auntie Sarah
We hurried to mass and managed to get a seat. We spent the rest of the day in pjs snuggling up against the cold and the rain. Sunday, the Comstocks hosted a festive brunch for close friends and we finally were able to introduce Miss Ryann and Miss Haley.

They are a mere month apart. The Pavlovichs and the Comstocks must be operating on the same procreation schedule because they are expecting a baby girl a month after Mr. Keegan is expected to make his arrival. We packed up our little family shortly after brunch and headed for home.

NYE was a very quiet one by design. We had Lane and Curtis over, picked up Habit Burger to go and watched a movie. Curtis and Lane helped to set up Haley’s big girl bed and move the crib into Keegan’s room. That first night was a bit tremulous. Miss Haley woke up a 3am and decided it was time to be up and playing. Luckily, we haven’t had a problem since. She loves her big girl bed and is so adorable snuggled in the beautiful bedding (thanks Shabby Chic for Target).

This past weekend was hectic again. We celebrated Lane’s 30th with a surprise birthday party. Curtis really planned everything; I just helped out with decorations and cupcakes. Lane even had two friends fly in from FL for the event.
It was a ball and Lane looked beautiful!

The next day was our double shower hosted by Brooke, Natalie, Katie II, Aunt Joyce and Aunt Jean.  Everything was so adorable...they did a bird theme and it was the perfect shower!

Mom, Godmother Jean and the big prego
The littlest attendees
Auntie Lane and Brenna
The grandmas(to be) and the prego girls
The Richardson Sisters
We had such a great time and it was so much fun to celebrate our pregnancies together!

We are officially on the Keegan countdown now. I have about 11 days to go and am feeling like Keegan may be an early bird. I definitely feel more pregnant at this point in my pregnancy then I did with Haley. It also may be that I have another little one to look after and cannot sleep whenever I like. Keegan’s room has finally come together…just a few more pieces to add. We’ve also managed to make an adorable combined space of our former office, which now serves as the guest room and office. My incredibly talented Godmother, Aunt Jean, and my mom have been sewing their little hearts out – recovering the glider I had in Haley’s room, constructing curtains for the new office space and sewing endless pillows. We have been brutal about consolidating and donating things we don’t use/need. We essentially had to clear out two closets and it was not an easy feat. I’ve installed the base and infant car seat in my car, Cloroxed off the bouncer, swing and floor gym, pulled out the monitor and boppy. I didn’t realize how pink everything of Haley’s is. I didn’t have many neutral burp cloths or receiving blankets. Despite the lack of blue, I know we are prepared to love and cherish the new life God is giving us. I am so looking forward to experiencing our family grow. Not sure there will be another update between now and Mr. Keegan’s arrival. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers! The Comstocks

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