Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve had time to get around to blogging! Life seems to have gotten even more hectic lately what with weddings, baptisms, trips and all the other amazingly fun things that make up our life. In order not to make this blog MILES long, I’ll condense as much as possible.

My double cousin Katie married Jim Sieser on the 16th of January.

It was really such a fun wedding because both the Richardsons and Conways were in attendance. The rehearsal dinner was held at Woolgrowers and was Basque…so yummy! Lane and Chris went out and partied into the wee hours of the morning (THERE’S ONLY ONE LANE DAVIES…walking along, singing a song, walking in a winter wonderland) while Haley and I retired. The wedding was held at their beautiful parish church and the ceremony was lovely….and then the drinking began. It was really just a ball! Lane and I were bridesmaids (or matrons I guess)

and Lane was able to stay for an entire week! I didn’t take a single picture at the wedding, but will post when Katie sends along the wedding proofs. Here are some of Auntie Lane arriving!

The following Monday Miss Haley began Little Gym. She is a tiny bit young for the class, but we wanted to be with Miss Peyton so they made an exception. She was a bit tentative at the first class, but has really warmed up since. It is so much fun to see the Patricio girls every Monday!

The next Sunday Vincent Camarena and Brenna Long were baptized. I did manage to take a ton of pictures at this event. We even were able to line up all the little ones for a group picture. They are going to have so much fun growing up together. Miss Haley tried to give Cousin Brenna a kiss! Miss Brenna certainly would fit right into our family…she looks more like me then Melissa!

Clockwise - Haley, Brenna, Vincent & Noah

Gourmet Group was up the next weekend, hosted by the Camarenas. The Godfather theme was so much fun and we all went to great lengths to dress the part. We even had a modern day sopranos gangster (Kevin) and a little inmate (Noah). The dinner was delicious and followed closely by a very competitive (Carlos) game of battle of the sexes. Kip and Julie took Miss Haley for the night (yea) and Chris and I picked her up early the next morning on our way to the Bay. We had a great Sunday with the Comstocks, yummy Yankee Pier lunch and all. It was great to catch up with Brian and Sarah who have been quite the world travelers of late!

Finally, last weekend we were off to Texas to visit Jessie and Isaac in their new home. We left Haley for 3 nights with my parents and had such an amazing time. We visited the Kima boardwalk (I made Chris do the rides with me), had some fantastic BBQ, a wonderful fancy dinner, and such a ball at the birthday/superbowl party. The best was getting to catch up with old friends! We miss you Jess and Isaac!

Now onto Miss Haley news…

Haley with her farm book and Haley chair from Grandma Comstock

She is walking! Can you believe it??? This past Monday she did 2 stints of about 5 steps. Lord help us! I’m hoping it was just a fluke, but doubt it is.

She is eating all sorts of things now and loving it. She had her 9 month checkup yesterday and is still light in the weight department. Her doctor thinks it is because she is so “advanced in her motor skill development” her words not mine!!! She is in a super high percentile for height and just over average with head growth. Now if I could just fatten her up a little! She is babbling up a storm and just a joy every day! She began sleep though the night FINALLY after a 4 night stint of Chris and I letting her cry it out. I really believe her 3am wakeup was just a habit she had developed and we needed to break her of it. We tried all the “gentle” methods but none of them were working and I was really tired, so we let her cry. Last night she slept from 7pm to 6:30am when Chris went in and woke her up! Love getting a full night sleep! Miss Haley has also signed an exclusive modeling contract with Lion & Bee (lane's onesie company).  Here are some of the latest shoot.

The pinup pose

We missed her so much on our trip away and are glad to be back as a family again! Loves to all!

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  1. Always love reading your updates. Miss Haley is just too cute. I love that she and Peyton are doing little gym together. I hope Brooklyn has some friends to do it with. Also, the pictures of her in the onesies are too precious. She's the perfect model!!!!