Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A ton in one

It has been such a hectic couple of months and I haven't had the time to sit down and update this blog, so I am going to do a bunch in one post and try to be better at posting! I'll start oldest to newest...

We were up in the Bay and had a chance to visit with the Hudsons. There's a picture with the dads and the girls. Alli was such a mega baby compared to little Miss Haley! I can't believe Hales will get that big soon.
We also had a visit from the Hudsons on our turf the next weekend and were lamenting over how our lives have changed! While the Hudsons were visiting Sam and Leah Prosperi welcomed baby Cal. We headed to the Prosperis to welcome them all home and they had quite a full house with Leah's mom and the Holmbergs on the welcoming committee as well! Baby Cal is just adorable and has such a full head of hair and the cutest little fauxhawk.

I finally made it to visit the Patricios and meet Miss Peyton. Haley and Peyton got along perfectly! Miss Taylor, who had just turned 2, was just perfection! I had such fun visiting with Ashley and even had a surprise visit from Garrett who came home early from work! We just adore the Patricio family and are so glad to count them as friends.

We bid Grandma and Grandpa Comstock Bon Voyage as the left on their trip to South Africa. Kathleen celebrated a very special birthday abroad and, though we were sad not to celebrate the day with her, we know she was having just a ball!

We had a very fun visit from the Wedams, who now reside in TX. I miss Jessie so much and was so happy to introduce her to the newest love of our lives!

Miss Haley has had quite the summer, swimming with mom and dad, visiting friends and family and spending tons of time at the cabin.
We now fight over who gets to hold the "lucky charm" as she seems to bestow fantastic pinochle hands! Within the span on 2 weeks both my mom and Chris had double round of Aces...unheard of in the pinochle realm.
Haley has spent time out on the lake, making jam and enjoying the dam walks. My Grandma Conway has decided she will be GG (Gigi) to Haley - short for great grandma.
On Thursday Haley had her 2 month checkup ad has grown by leaps and bounds. She is now 11.3 pounds and 23 inches. The doctor said the growth was very impressive. Hayhay also had her 1st round of shots and it was just heartbreaking to watch. She was just inconsolable that day and easy to fuss for a few after, but we survived!

We had a fantastic 4th and even got to see the Patricios for a bit. We were just docking our very large party barge and Ashley and Garrett zoom (as fast as the 5 mile limit would allow) up in a very sleek speed boat! We also had a fun visit with the Sr. Gardners and the Lamberts who camp every 4th.

All in all a fantastic couple of months! Loves to all...

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